Height Safety Equipment

Safety Harness Buying Guide

Choosing a safety harness is no easy task. You may need to look at a great many options, only to be left frustrated in the end. The simple reason is that while buying safety harness, people do not have the idea of what they should be buying. What features they should be looking out for and how certain specifications can improve the safety scale by quite a few notches. The following is a basic guide to purchasing height safety equipment.

There are a variety of models available in the market. Here’s a low down on the few which you might consider buying.

Transparent image of 2 sets of safety harnesses for height safety

The bare bone models

These kind of safety harnesses provide the minimum amount of safety as they are quite flimsy and don’t consist of much to hold you up. It’s okay if you plan to use these every once in a while but if you have the kind of work which requires you to work at heights on a frequent basis, these are not the right models to purchase.

Safety harnesses with additional padding

A notch or two above in safety from the bare bone models, these safety harnesses come with additional padding. These can provide comfort as well as the required stability which is needed by those who work at great heights every now and then. Tough keep in mind that these can cost more than the above mentioned modes, but buying the right ones can actually provide you with great value for money.

Premium quality safety harnesses

As the name suggests, these premium quality harnesses are loaded with padding to offer maximum support and functionality. Plus these have additional features which make the number one choice of professionals all over the world.

There are a variety of safety harnesses which are required for specific kinds of jobs. Some of these include

Safety harnesses for construction workers

If you work in the construction industry, these harnesses should be the best choice. Why? Because these are equipped with additional padding as well as additional D-ring which allow you to shift your position without a hassle while you are busy working.

Safety harnesses for welding professionals

These harnesses are made from flame resistant material and are prone to higher temperatures and additional heats. Plus the material is such which can help you keep your cool even in the most scorching conditions.

Extra visibility safety harness

High visibility harnesses are required in instances where it is necessary to be seen and observed. It can be sued by people who work in dark conditions as well.

Cross over safety harness

These kind of safety harnesses are equipped with D-rings and are useful when people have to climb ladders while they work. Ideal for construction workers, these provide the necessary comfort as well as additional safety which is required when one works at a height.

Looking for height safety equipment? Not sure which one you should be looking out for? Don’t worry, make sure you contact Correct Safety – specialists in Height Safety Equipment to help you with all your safety requirements.

Childcare Ormeau

Are you looking for childcare in Ormeau? If this is your first time looking for childcare, you may wonder what all you should be looking for? It would be nice to find the right childcare on your first visit, but this is not always the case. For some, it is not uncommon to visit 5 or 6 childcare centers before they find the right one.

From an outside point of view, finding a childcare center may seem like a straightforward search. However, there are a lot of things that must be taken into consideration, especially if you work strange hours. So what are some things you should consider when it comes to a daycare program for your child?

Children playing at child care ormeau

Things to Consider When Looking for a Childcare Center in Ormeau

There are a lot of things you will need to consider when it comes to childcare for your son or daughter. Some of these things will depend on the time you work, and others will be about the facility and the people who are running it. The overall goal for visiting and interviewing child care centers is so that you can find the best match for your situation. You will want to ensure that all of your child’s needs are met and that all safety measures are taken into account when it comes to your little one, both inside the facility and during transportation.

  • Questions that Will Depend on Your Schedule

There are many things you will need to consider that pertain to your schedule. What hours does the childcare center operate? What are the policies for picking your child up after standard business hours? Is your schedule guaranteed? If not, do they have a policy about picking your child up later than usual?  Many childcare centers have vacation and holiday hours available to cover you if you are scheduled during holiday or vacation times, while others don’t.

  • Questions Surrounding the Way the Childcare Center is Operated

The questions you should ask surrounding the way the daycare is operated are what fees are associated with the services they offer. What qualifications and training do the child care providers have to meet? Do the providers have to be CPR certified?

Do the child care providers provide discipline? If so, is the discipline provided the same as what you would provide at home? Make sure to read the discipline policy completely to determine whether it suits your needs and what you are comfortable with.

Is the staff of the child care center approachable? Are they willing to talk with you about the way your child is progressing in the center? Do they provide transportation that meets your expectations? Do they offer car seats and booster seats according to your comfort?

As you can see, there are a lot of different factors that you must take into consideration when it comes to finding the right child care. You will need to ensure that your needs are met and that your child’s needs are met. You do not want to leave anything to chance.

To ensure that all of the criteria you have are met, start interviewing prospective child care centers long before you actually need to put your child in daycare. This will also allow you to make it to the top of waiting lists in situations where getting into the right daycare is difficult.

Education for the Future

Childcare Burpengary

Children learn a great deal through play and interaction. It’s all good that you have home schooled your child. However, before they start kindergarten, it’s a good idea to send children to a daycare center.

Most parents are of the opinion that they would be able to home school their child much better. After all they have the time and resources. Childcare is only for children when both parents are away at work and aren’t able to give quality time to their children. This is where they need to reconsider their idea. Childcare provides children with a myriad of opportunities to learn and grow. They can become confident little individuals who excel at kindergarten and are way ahead of their peers in learning and understanding.

The following are a few ways childcare can help sharpen up your child and make them ready for their foray into kindergarten.

burpengary childcare facility

The advantages of sending your child to a Childcare in Burpengary

  • A child enrolled at a daycare center is more in sync with peers of his or her own age. They interact more and learn social skills which can come in pretty handy before they start kindergarten
  • Children learn the concept of working in groups. A child who is home schooled might not be ready to take on group work or might not excel in social skills. However a child who attends daycare has an added advantage. They know the importance of team work.
  • Not only do the children learn interpersonal skills, they are also on their way to excelling at academics. Most childcare centers offer basic math and English skills in the form of songs and poetry. A hands on activity based approach allows children to have fun while they are leaning. O work becomes less of a chore and more of fun and games.
  • Children who attend daycare follow a set routine. They know the importance of working on time and making sure that they are in sync with their peers. The concept of sharing and helping others can be an added bonus. Such a child is also liked by his classmates and creates a good impression on the teacher as well.
  • Research has proved that children who attend daycare are able to bond well with their parents and siblings as well. The awareness of being away from loved ones for a certain time period, instills in them love and care and the importance of caring for loved ones.
  • If both parents are working, they might think about hiring a nanny to look after the child. This can be costly and hard on the pocket. Whereas childcare offers a more economic option. Plus at childcare your kid is bound to learn academics. A nanny might not to instill those basic skills at an early age like child care workers.

Are you looking for childcare in Burpengary? Look no further, Bay Explorers Burpengary offers the best environment for your child. They not only take care of your little ones but are able to give them basic learning concepts. So while you are away at work, your little ones are in safe hands.

Hydraulic Oil for Gem Finding


Choosing the Right Hydraulic Oil

It’s never easy to make a recommendation for the best hydraulic oil which is suitable for all kind of equipment. Using the wrong hydraulic oil can be one of the costliest mistakes ever. It can harm the longevity of a hydraulic machine. However, before purchasing hydraulic oil, make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Hydraulic Oil

Choosing between multi grade and mono grade hydraulic oil

Choosing between a multi grade and mono grade hydraulic oil actually depends upon the kind of machine you would be using and the temperature at which it works. If the machine is used during extremely cold weather or hot tropical weather during summers, multi grade oil should be the first choice. The reason for this is that multi grade oil has the ability to maintain viscosity of the oil during all kinds of extreme temperature.

For a machine which works at regular temperature without a great deal of variation, mono grade oil would work just as well. It is quite possible to maintain the viscosity of the fluid during normal temperature.

Multi grade hydraulic oil is more expensive and therefore not recommended if the machinery works at a nominal temperature.

Non-detergent hydraulic oil and detergent hydraulic oil

In order to make sure that the oil remain viscous and free from contaminants, detergent hydraulic oil is the best option. It can help emulsify the water and can disperse off with contaminants like dirt and debris which results in sludge formation. However, it is recommended that if you plan on using detergent hydraulic oil, the oil should be filtered from time to time in order to maintain its viscosity. This kind of oil is ideal for mobile hydraulic machines because they are smaller and do not have enough opportunity to allow the contaminants to settle down.

Also it is important to note that the water should be checked time and again for reduction in lubricity and corrosives. For industrial machines which are bigger and therefore have the large volume to allow settlement of sludge and grime, none detergent hydraulic oil works just as well.

Anti wear hydraulic oil and non anti wear hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil which contains anti wear additives can help maintain the lubrication of the oil and prevent it from becoming corrosive. Usually zinc di-phosphate is the anti corrosive additive used in most anti wear hydraulic oils. If a machine works under extremely high pressure and temperature conditions, it is necessary to make used of anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Although, there is one drawback of using Zinc di-phosphate as an additive, it’s because it can break down chemically in the presence of water and can have an adverse effect on certain metals.

Keeping these above mentioned factors in mind would help you choose the right hydraulic oil for your machines. Though it’s never easy to choose one which is best suited for a particular system, carefully analysis can help avert problems and improve the efficiency of a hydraulic machine.

For more information on the best hydraulic oils, make sure you check out an Australian Stockist.



Hervey Bay Lawyer

Five Tips for Hiring a Hervey Bay Lawyer

Finding the right kind of lawyer is not easy. You need to find someone who is trust worthy and knows their job well. The following are a few tips to help you find the best lawyers in Hervey Bay.

Start with friends and family

The first people you turn to help for are usually your family, friends and acquaintances. Similarly finding a lawyer is often easier when you contact those within your circle. You can ask around if someone has recently hired a lawyer, or you might already know someone who did. They can guide you to find the right lawyer within your area.

However, you might want to keep your situation private, in that case you could contact the bar association within your city. But beware they would just provide you with a list of attorneys and not their actual credentials.

Hervey Bay Lawyer

Search the web

The web is a great source of information. You can not only find good lawyers within your area but you get ratings for lawyers as well. So if you are looking for a top law firm to handle a particularly delicate matter you need to check out their ratings first. In fact most law firms proudly display testimonials of previous clients. You can go through these and find out the person who is best suitable for your particular case.

Prepare for your first meeting

When going to meet your lawyer make sure you have the following question checklist with you. Some useful questions include

  • Have you handled cases similar to mine? If yes how many?
  • Can you let me know the outcome of those cases?
  • May I know who would be looking after my particular case?
  • Will you keep me informed about the progress on a routine basis?
  • Will you be able to get back to my emails and messages?
  • Is it possible to reach you with ease?

Once you are happy with the answers you can by all means and hire them to handle your case.

Get to know how you would be charged

All lawyers have a different way of charging payments from clients. There are few who charge by the hour and some who may take a nominal fee in the beginning and the rest after the completion of the case. In any way you should have a detailed talk regarding your budget and finance, the payment method which works well for you etc.

Read the contract thoroughly

Once you have established an agreement with your lawyer you would be given a contract which would be a mutual agreement between you and your lawyer. Before you go ahead and sign the document blindly, make sure you give it a thorough reading. By doing so you can avoid certain problems and know exactly where you stand with them. Don’t be disturbed by the legal jargon, if something doesn’t seem clear to you, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask any questions. Also check out the amount of retainer and the payment schedule as well.

If you are hiring a lawyer in Hervey Bay, it is pretty easy. Just make sure you keep the above mentioned tips in mind.

Agricultural Rubber Tracks

Agricultural Rubber Tracks vs Tyres

It is often difficult to make a choice between agricultural rubber tracks and tyres. You might be wondering which of these you should be using to get the most benefits. Read on to see the advantages and disadvantages of using rubber tracks over regular tyres.

  • Finding the right gear depends upon things like traction, the pressure and the steering. The terrain also plays a major role in choosing either rubber tracks or tyres.
  • Plus tracks offer a great deal less pressure on the ground when compared to wheels. In case of agricultural use it is always better to use tracks; these help serve the purpose without exerting too much pressure on the soil.
  • However, when it comes to maneuverability, wheels are a much better option than tracks.
  • Although using wheels may work for most people when it comes to rolling over obstacles with ease, wheels might not serve the purpose well enough.
  • Tracks have always proved to be more power efficient. They provide high performance and better traction when compared to wheels.
  • The traction remains good despite the ground being wet or slippery. In case of tyres there is always a chance of skidding over on extra wet surfaces.
  • Plus tracks work well for very rough terrains. Using wheels on such surfaces means the wheels could get stuck. Tracks can easily cross ditches without a great deal of trouble.
  • Tracks have a certain aesthetic appeal in the sense that they look tougher when compared to wheels.
  • On the other hand the tracks have a great deal less impact on the ground because of the continuous unperturbed motion. This works well for grounds which are soft and prone to a great deal of wear and tear.
  • Rubber tracks can support the heaviest of loads. This means if you own a heavier tractor or vehicle, tracks can provide the added benefit of better movement.

Few disadvantages of tracks

Where agricultural rubber tracks offer a great many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to these as well.

  • Since tracks have a continuous traction, their speed may be slower than that of wheels.
  • Also tracks aren’t as maneuverable as wheels. It may be difficult to maneuver tracks over tricky spaces of small spaces. This can be considered one of the major disadvantages. However, if these tracks are used in open spaces or large fields, maneuverability may not be a problem.
  • It is easier for tracks to become dislocated over a period of time. This in turn may affect the productivity. However buying quality tracks might somehow reduce this problem to quite an extent.
  • Rubber tracks often have a shorter life span when compared to wheels. These may not be the best option for someone who’s on a tight budget.
  • It is also not easy to repair tracks on a continuous basis. Once these start to deteriorate it might be time to buy new ones.

If you are choosing between agricultural rubber tracks or tyres is a decision which is based on all the above factors. For more information on both rubber tracks or tyres check out this website for further details


What we do

We are late in starting our blog this year as we have been reasonably busy.We have had several enquiries from Europe and currently we are working with Malachiteto make a series of dials.
The watch enthusiasts particularly those who are in the process of building their own watches are an important part of our business, they have some interesting ideas for making their watches unique.
The various types of natural gemstone we use for our dials is what makes their watch unique,and we are happy to send out scans of gemstone if requested.
We have plenty of examples of our Gemstones on our Website also. but please contact me through my contact page if you have any questions.

We are close to Christmas now. We have found some interesting projects the past few weeks. we made a Tiger Eye Dial for a Bueche- Girod Watch.and a pearl dial for a 1920s ladies watch that had a lot of sentimental value.

Spring is here,Business is quiet due to the financial uncertainity.
Black lipped pearl shell is becoming more difficult to find , however we have some in stock and have just made a very nice dial for a Rado watch. A new Opal Field has opened in Coober Pedy with some luck we may see some nice Opal on the market which has been scarce in recent times.
Please look on my Exquisite Opal page as I have a few nice Opal stones on display.
I am always happy to send scans of my dials if you are thinking of renovating or building a watch.

Winter is here and it is very cold in Adelaide. My latest project is making and fitting an Opal dial to a Seiko Kinetic Mens watch. We have had some very unusual Lapis Lazuli with a large splash of gold pyrites which has proved to be very popular.

We had an interesting project early this month making an inlay in Mother of Pearl for a ladies antique watch
which was a rhomboid shape, with a square cut out in the centre of the inlay,very pleased with the result.

Watch makers collectors and Geeks please contact me if you have any queries.

I spent the day cutting some beautiful natural Tiger Eye slices to be ready for watch dial replacements.In 2008 I made replacement dials for Piaget, Bueche-Girod and ladies Tudor watches.I have also replaced a large Opal stone in a ring where the stone had been broken.
This month I am cutting natural silver Mother of Pearl dials for a customer in the UK

This month has been quite busy with several enquiries from different countries including the United States, England and Armenia.We have just finished a Lapis Lazuli Dial for an Omega Seamaster watch and a Malachite dial for a Ladies Piaget watch.Now our extreme weather has cooled a bit. I am about to cut pairs of opals for earings, which are in demand. I welcome enquiries anytime.

I have just finished a Lapis Dial for a Bueche-Girod Watch which is for the U.S.I have a ladies Tudor watch , which is having an Opal Dial , I have made several of these and they look stunning.

With the beginning of Winter approaching here in Adelaide. we are getting a few enquiries for our Watch Dials.particularly for Opal. The mining of opal at Coober Pedy in South Australia is at a standstill but fortunately we have some nice rough Opal for cutting up to 28mm.dials.I welcome any enquiries.

Business has been quiet , but we are looking to buying medium to high grade watches to refurbish with gemstone dials.This month we have made 2 lapis Dials for mens watches and also a created opal dial for a mens watch. Please contact me for any queries you may have.

Many watch enthusiasts are looking to repairing and changing the dials in their watches. Due to the economic situation,it is cheaper to add a new dial than buy an expensive watch.At present I am working on Lapis Lazuli dials and also making an Abalone dial for a client, I will add a picture of it to my website shortly. If you have any queries please let me know.

We have had several enquiries the last 6 weeks, particularly for pearl shell Dials.
Icut my own slabs of Mother of Pearl so I get the best quality for my Dials.
Several of the Dials I have made are for enthusiasts looking to give their watches a lift.
We are making custom dials for Vintage watches as well as for the modern watch.
All enquiries are welcome from the Designer, watchmaker and Enthusiast.A Very Happy Christmas and Healthy New Year To All.

One question I have been asked several times, How do you position the feet on the dial?
What happens is that our customer sends the Dial from the watch and I make a copy of the Dial in brass,fit the feet to the brass plate and adhere the gemstone on to that, so the customer gets two dials, the gemstone plus the original.

Very busy month so far. Two Bueche-Girod Dials in Black M.O.P.and two lapis lazuli Dials for a 1970 Longines. I cut all my gemstones slices for my Dials which takes almost a full day for preparation and the cutting.
Malachite is one of the most frustrating stones to cut because of its structure and tendency to fracture, however once cut it is stable and a lovely stone to work with making superb watch Dials.

We have just bought some magnificent Malachite for anyone looking out for a new dial.I can always scan slices off for your perusal once I have done the cut.Have just made a Tiger Eye Dial for a Bueche Girod Dial. I have been working on a few Rado dials in Tiger Eye and Lapis Lazuli.I am hoping to experiment with other unusual materials soon.We send most of dials off to the United States for printing, they do a very nice job and have facilities for printing for most types of watc. Please keep sending in your queries.

One of the gemstones we are using this month to make a new dial is Blue Goldstone, we haven`t used it before it is a deep blue stone with lots of silvery sparkles.It reminds me of the night sky in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia.When the dial is finished I will post a picture on this website.Please keep your queries coming in.

We have some lovely Opal Stones on our Website please have a browse when you are next on our site. I was cutting Opal stones for many years before starting to make watch dials. these are some of the stones at reasonable prices. All my work is guaranteed for quality workmanship.Exquisite Opals is our Opal page. Enjoy the month of June.

We are in the midst of moving so will be ready to resume our business in August.
Sorry for the inconvenience to customers

The move went smoothly but we still have quite a few boxes to unpack.My worshop is installed and I am making Lapis and Tiger eye Dials for Rado watches at present.
For any printing required we have contacts in the States who do a great job.
Some customers have their own Printers particularly from the UK.
All our Gemstones are natural and this month I will be spending a full day cutting Lapis Lazuli and Goldstone, the thickness I have to achieve is between 0.2mm-0.3mm.
September is the beginning of Spring ,it has been very wet weather and quite cool
The tree blossoms are quite spectacular at present.
Have a great day wherever you are

Apologies for not posting the October Blog.Time flies when you are having fun!
We made a lovely Opal dial for a lady in Canada , she was very happy with her Dial, we received a scan of the finished watch a week later.

At the moment I am finishing off four silver mother of pearl dials and two lapis lazuli dials.
With all the different types of watches I work with to make new dials- I find I am coming up with new techniques all the time to get the very best results for my customers, it is very satisfying work.

December so far has been a busy time finishing off several watch dials including those for Rado and Beuche Girod watches.I have some very unusual Lapis which has a fair amount of gold pyrites clusters which would look stunning and very unusual in a watch.Here in Adelaide the weather has been unseasonable and we have had quite a bit of rain.Christmas Day temperature is predicted to be 30C which won`t be too hot for cooking the Turkey and Christmas pudding.
Wherever you are have a great Christmas. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.Best Wishes Mark.

Our weather here has been good, however we are feeling deep sympathy for those in Queensland who have lost loved ones and for those without homes to return to due to the terrible floods.
Opal Dials are in demand at the moment,we are able to scan our customers pictures of sliced opal for them to choose from and we send scans of any other gemstone requested.
We have good contacts in the U.S for special printing of watch dials as required.Please contact me if you have any queries, Regards Mark.

Time got away and I didn`t get round to writing the blog for February.I have had a few Rado dials to make,some in Lapis and others in M.O.P.We have some very unusual Lapis Lazuli which has a cluster of gold pyrites, most unusual I have made one dial from the stone and it looks stunning.Regarding dial feet Which we have been doing for some time we need to have the customers original dial to make a copy so we can position them exactly, and of course you get your original dial back with your new dial.
Lapis and abalone, mother of pearl seem to be the stones of the month for making watch dials.
We can make Dials for most watches which covers a huge range.
Please contact me if you have any queries

Well we are almost half way through 2011.Its May and Autumn is here in Australia.
We have some nice feedback regarding Black Lipped Pearl Shell Dials, customers have been very pleased with them.
ave had enquires from all over Europe and United States.
We have some very unusual Lapis Lazuli with large clusters of Gold pyrites, suitable for Dials up to 37mm.
Goldstone is quite an unusual man made stone that is black and sparkly recently made a small Dial for a Ladies Watch.