Height Safety Equipment

Safety Harness Buying Guide

Choosing a safety harness is no easy task. You may need to look at a great many options, only to be left frustrated in the end. The simple reason is that while buying safety harness, people do not have the idea of what they should be buying. What features they should be looking out for and how certain specifications can improve the safety scale by quite a few notches. The following is a basic guide to purchasing height safety equipment.

There are a variety of models available in the market. Here’s a low down on the few which you might consider buying.

Transparent image of 2 sets of safety harnesses for height safety

The bare bone models

These kind of safety harnesses provide the minimum amount of safety as they are quite flimsy and don’t consist of much to hold you up. It’s okay if you plan to use these every once in a while but if you have the kind of work which requires you to work at heights on a frequent basis, these are not the right models to purchase.

Safety harnesses with additional padding

A notch or two above in safety from the bare bone models, these safety harnesses come with additional padding. These can provide comfort as well as the required stability which is needed by those who work at great heights every now and then. Tough keep in mind that these can cost more than the above mentioned modes, but buying the right ones can actually provide you with great value for money.

Premium quality safety harnesses

As the name suggests, these premium quality harnesses are loaded with padding to offer maximum support and functionality. Plus these have additional features which make the number one choice of professionals all over the world.

There are a variety of safety harnesses which are required for specific kinds of jobs. Some of these include

Safety harnesses for construction workers

If you work in the construction industry, these harnesses should be the best choice. Why? Because these are equipped with additional padding as well as additional D-ring which allow you to shift your position without a hassle while you are busy working.

Safety harnesses for welding professionals

These harnesses are made from flame resistant material and are prone to higher temperatures and additional heats. Plus the material is such which can help you keep your cool even in the most scorching conditions.

Extra visibility safety harness

High visibility harnesses are required in instances where it is necessary to be seen and observed. It can be sued by people who work in dark conditions as well.

Cross over safety harness

These kind of safety harnesses are equipped with D-rings and are useful when people have to climb ladders while they work. Ideal for construction workers, these provide the necessary comfort as well as additional safety which is required when one works at a height.

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