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Choosing the Right Hydraulic Oil

It’s never easy to make a recommendation for the best hydraulic oil which is suitable for all kind of equipment. Using the wrong hydraulic oil can be one of the costliest mistakes ever. It can harm the longevity of a hydraulic machine. However, before purchasing hydraulic oil, make sure you keep the following things in mind.

Hydraulic Oil

Choosing between multi grade and mono grade hydraulic oil

Choosing between a multi grade and mono grade hydraulic oil actually depends upon the kind of machine you would be using and the temperature at which it works. If the machine is used during extremely cold weather or hot tropical weather during summers, multi grade oil should be the first choice. The reason for this is that multi grade oil has the ability to maintain viscosity of the oil during all kinds of extreme temperature.

For a machine which works at regular temperature without a great deal of variation, mono grade oil would work just as well. It is quite possible to maintain the viscosity of the fluid during normal temperature.

Multi grade hydraulic oil is more expensive and therefore not recommended if the machinery works at a nominal temperature.

Non-detergent hydraulic oil and detergent hydraulic oil

In order to make sure that the oil remain viscous and free from contaminants, detergent hydraulic oil is the best option. It can help emulsify the water and can disperse off with contaminants like dirt and debris which results in sludge formation. However, it is recommended that if you plan on using detergent hydraulic oil, the oil should be filtered from time to time in order to maintain its viscosity. This kind of oil is ideal for mobile hydraulic machines because they are smaller and do not have enough opportunity to allow the contaminants to settle down.

Also it is important to note that the water should be checked time and again for reduction in lubricity and corrosives. For industrial machines which are bigger and therefore have the large volume to allow settlement of sludge and grime, none detergent hydraulic oil works just as well.

Anti wear hydraulic oil and non anti wear hydraulic oil

Hydraulic oil which contains anti wear additives can help maintain the lubrication of the oil and prevent it from becoming corrosive. Usually zinc di-phosphate is the anti corrosive additive used in most anti wear hydraulic oils. If a machine works under extremely high pressure and temperature conditions, it is necessary to make used of anti-wear hydraulic oil.

Although, there is one drawback of using Zinc di-phosphate as an additive, it’s because it can break down chemically in the presence of water and can have an adverse effect on certain metals.

Keeping these above mentioned factors in mind would help you choose the right hydraulic oil for your machines. Though it’s never easy to choose one which is best suited for a particular system, carefully analysis can help avert problems and improve the efficiency of a hydraulic machine.

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